Comfort Me

by monksolo



Song I wrote about when I had a breakdown containing a lot of autobiographical references to things I did or that really happened.


There's someone knock-knock-knocking at my door
but I can't get up to answer it cause I'm not at home,
I paint the walls white from the ceiling to the floor,
cause the dark, it scares me and makes me feel so prone,

I'm talking long walks by the river in my town,
it should be beautiful but I feel nothing at all,
I watch the night nurses in emergency making their rounds,
because I'm single, is how they explain it all,

All I know is that you cannot sell me what I need for life
so all I ask is for a show of kindness when I start to unwind
to comfort me, would you comfort me.

I take these shitty drugs to knock me out every night
cause something broke in my head and I can't sleep on my own,
I go for really long drives in a desperate flight
cause I want to kill the time when I'm feeling so run down,

I'm such a damn mess, spending time, watching TV
trying to find my way back what's normal to recall,
Every day is a wake-wake-waking nightmare for me,
am I the sort of person I read about who comes to end it all?

All I know is that I've come to find that love has passed me by,
you know that all I ask is for a show of kindness when I start to unwind, is comfort me, would you comfort me, could you comfort me? to comfort me...

There's someone knocking on my door...


released June 13, 2013



all rights reserved


monksolo New York, New York

My music comes from a place where blues meets post-punk meets modern electronic instrumentation and electric guitar. I am always trying to push boundaries. A lot of my songs reward patience and unfold in interesting ways.

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