My Private Eye

by monksolo



Song inspired by a film-noir dream about a private investigator. The song is asynchronous and follows no regular beat, overall.


There's a man I used to know
who owned the world and sold it all
I can see his shadow grow
across the night-time streets at his call

I hear his footstep in the rain,
that runs down his long-coat
he's taking notes on scene again.
there's a chalk outline on the road

It reminds him of someone he lost,
The flashbulbs burn in slow mo
where every love had such a cost,
that nothing's left of him any more,

I hear that patience is his game
as he stalks traces left in the dark
His methods are his crutch and cane
The only meaning to his star

There's just one song he loves
as the rain, it falls down down...
I watch it spool into my gloves
another broken item in his sad town,

Lyrics, (c) 2013.. monksolo.


released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


monksolo New York, New York

My music comes from a place where blues meets post-punk meets modern electronic instrumentation and electric guitar. I am always trying to push boundaries. A lot of my songs reward patience and unfold in interesting ways.

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