Naked Greed

by monksolo



Inspired by the Jay-Z's TIDAL Press conference, a sad spectacle of million dollar musicians asking for more money for streams --as if labels and label-owners (like Jay-Z, Madonna) aren't the biggest part of the problem.


For all their pretty gold chains and costumes
the face of naked greed, never looks good on anyone

and let's see many times can you call your own women bitches
and whores and say the N-word in a song

you rub our noses in your wealth, every chance you get,
with brands you love, you taught us luxury is not a wrong,

and now you come begging hat in hand, look for charity when
in your own lives, the sum of what you gave us adds to none,

oh look at all the shareholders, they're all a fluttah, claim that
what you do is like some droppings from the sun,

as having failed so hard in that world, you try to make a
new one where you can be a king in your own pond

Lyrics, Music Copyright, Monksolo.


released April 4, 2015
song written, produced by MonkSolo



all rights reserved


monksolo New York, New York

My music comes from a place where blues meets post-punk meets modern electronic instrumentation and electric guitar. I am always trying to push boundaries. A lot of my songs reward patience and unfold in interesting ways.

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