Punch Through This

by monksolo



The song is about how I would punch a speed bag over and over when I felt an anxiety attack coming on. I've always wanted to use the sound of a speed bag as a beat because it does not divide a bar into equal segments.

Interesting fact, the beat stuck with me after working on the song, causing me to have a strange dream about a puppet like the one in the picture.


I'm all alone
trapped in a cage
that has broke up
and all that's left
is only rage
suffuse my face
Suffuse my face

I'm on the floor
there's no one there
to take my hand
so I take my hand
I make a fist
to punch through this
I punch through this

I've known it all
when all lets me down
leaves me stranded,
f'ed up like a clown
and all I have left is
the sound of my fist
punching through this

through this fear and
through this sadness
I've lost my way
I've lost all form
all that's left of me
is a beating arm


released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


monksolo New York, New York

My music comes from a place where blues meets post-punk meets modern electronic instrumentation and electric guitar. I am always trying to push boundaries. A lot of my songs reward patience and unfold in interesting ways.

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